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BLOG July 15, 2024 by Moyra Amess

Improving Healthcare Standards in Portugal Through Accreditation with CESPU

CESPU, a private university outside Porto, recently invited our Director of Accreditations and Assurance, Moyra Amess, to speak to a group of hospitals.

GUIDE July 9, 2024

eGuide: Maternity Care Reform - Implementing Key Initiatives for Improving Outcomes

As a leader in maternity care, you will understand the critical importance of delivering the highest standard of care to mothers and their newborns.  

The recent Birth Trauma Report has highlighted the poor outcomes many women have experienced over the past years and the pressures staff have faced. There will be an expectation and additional pressure on maternity departments to address the recommendations from the report. 

We invite you to read our blog of our key messages from the Birth Trauma Report and the initial steps

BLOG July 1, 2024 by CHKS

Maintaining the Gold Standard: CHKS Retain UKAS Accreditation for Management Systems Certification

Ensuring impartiality, consistency and reliability. Learn why CHKS' recent re-accreditation by UKAS reinforces our position as a leading provider of healthcare management systems certification. 

EVENT June 21, 2024

BADS Annual Conference 2024

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the BADS Annual Conference 2024  in Cardiff, held by the prestigious British Association of Day Surgery

BLOG June 17, 2024 by Moyra Amess

The Birth Trauma Inquiry, What’s Next?

How might the report impact maternity services and what are the potential risks of inaction?

BLOG June 11, 2024 by Moyra Amess

Key Messages From the Birth Trauma Report

On review of the report, Moyra Amess, Director of Assurance & Accreditation at CHKS has compiled here her four key messages.

GUIDE May 22, 2024

eGuide: Leveraging AI for Healthcare Efficiencies and Performance

With the ability to analyse vast datasets, make real-time predictions, and enhance decision-making, AI is becoming an indispensable ally for healthcare providers. If you’re interested in understanding how AI can be harnessed in hospitals to improve efficiencies, performance and clinical coding, download your copy of our free ‘eGuide- Leveraging AI for Healthcare Efficiencies and Performance’ today.

GUIDE May 20, 2024

Assurance in Maternity and Specialist Neonatal Care

GUIDE May 20, 2024

eGuide: Assurance in Dementia Care

GUIDE May 20, 2024

Factsheet: Mortality Profiling Product

GUIDE May 20, 2024

Factsheet: A&E Care and Emergency Admissions Product

GUIDE May 20, 2024

Factsheet: Data Analysis Toolkit (DAT) Product

GUIDE May 15, 2024

eGuide: The Roadmap to Governance & Safety for Private Providers in Ireland

We have made remarkable progress in health as a global society, more than doubling life expectancy in just over two centuries - public health and clinical innovations have been major contributors to this improvement. However, across the Western world healthcare systems are facing a major crisis caused by a perfect storm of factors – rapidly rising healthcare costs, clinician burnout and attrition, and an ageing population.

In these challenging circumstances, emphasising improvement becomes imperative to shift healthcare planning and delivery from reactive crisis management to proactive service enhancement. Furthermore, in today’s landscape, where healthcare benchmarks are constantly evolving, the importance of safety and governance in Irish healthcare providers cannot be overstated.

Download our eGuide ‘The Roadmap to Governance & Safety for Private Providers in Ireland’ which delves deep into the essence of safety and governance in healthcare, sharing current challenges, the impact of these challenges in healthcare and the steps that can be taken to address this.

GUIDE May 15, 2024

eGuide: Maternity Care - A Roadmap to Healthcare Excellence

In the realm of healthcare, the importance of robust safety, governance and strong patient outcomes cannot be overstated, particularly in the highly specialised and sensitive area of maternity and neonatal care. At a time when the demands and pressures on all departments are escalating, the need for stringent safety protocols is more critical than ever.

Download our eGuide ‘Maternity Care- A Roadmap to Healthcare Excellence’ which delves deep into the essence of safety and improving patient outcomes in maternity services, sharing insights on the need for change, what changes can be considered and the roadmap to excellence.