CHKS are continually supporting organisations to further enhance their services beyond accreditation by providing enhanced programmes.  

Accreditation Plus

To further drive improvement and value for clients, whilst maintaining the high standards required for accreditation, CHKS have created the Accreditation Plus programme. This aims to take a broader/deeper view of the accreditation process, focusing on the individual development needs of each client, whilst ensuring integrity of accreditation standards is maintained. 

Accreditation Plus challenges organisations through deeper exploration of their evidence in order to focus on potential opportunities for genuine development and strategic growth, providing greater value and promoting organisational engagement. 

Accreditation Plus has been developed for smaller providers where quality is embedded in their systems and processes and a maturity developed from at least three completed accreditation cycles with CHKS.

Green Award

Recognising that organisations are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and to help support and encourage this, CHKS have introduced a CHKS Green Award.

The CHKS Green Award, seeks to recognise those organisations that are making a visible commitment to environmental sustainability, through introducing sustainable working practices, products, procurement and innovations into everyday practice. 

The CHKS Green Award is an optional award which organisations may choose to embrace as part of their ongoing developmental journey. 


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The Accreditation Programme, as a process of 
continuous improvement of the healthcare system, 
offered to our population, increased and deepened 
the quality culture in the hospital. The Programme, 
brought more responsiveness and maturity to all 
professionals, greater proximity to patients and 
community, and above all, the awareness of continuity 
of better work together for higher standards 
of healthcare.

Ana Terezinha Rodrigues, Diretor of Quality Management Service & Presidente of Quality and Patient Safety Committee – Hospital Garcia Orta, Portuga