​Our assurance services combine data analysis with site assessments to benchmark your care standards against national quality standards, and identify areas of good practice and opportunities for improvement.

Our team will then help you implement a robust quality framework to address any gaps and create a culture of sustainable continuous improvement.

Assurance in Dementia Care
This programme measures an organisation’s performance on dementia key performance indicators. An assessment of standards and processes provides further insight into the standards of care delivered and reveals strengths and weaknesses. CHKS is proud to partner The Alzheimer’s Society in providing training on detecting dementia and caring for patients with dementia.

Download our Assurance in Dementia Care brochure

Assurance in Maternity and Specialist Neonatal Care 
This programme combines performance data analysis with an independent on-site review and expert support to benchmark your organisation and provide guidance as to where and how improvements can be made. It highlights good practice while setting an agenda for service and team development using the latest international standards and best practice.

Download our Assurance in Maternity and Specialist Neonatal Care brochure