Ever since we developed the first UK hospital benchmarking report in 1989, CHKS has been creating solutions for all types of healthcare organisations.

 Today, we have an unrivalled portfolio of services for acute care providers, commissioners and the independent healthcare sector – both in the UK and internationally, where we are proud to play a role in transforming healthcare services and sharing knowledge and best practice.

From benchmarking systems to quality programmes and patient satisfaction surveys, our products and services are supported by NHS-experienced consultants and client managers. They bring insight and expertise to help you deliver cost-effective, safe care and assure your stakeholders that you are committed to the highest levels of quality and improvement. Supporting improvement and innovation in the health service is an important part of what we do. Our partnership approach is founded on sharing knowledge and best practice and our programme of free networking events throughout the year aims to bring healthcare leaders together to exchange ideas and learning.


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Tailored Research and Analysis

As well as standard informatics systems, hospital benchmarking and consultancy programmes, we can provide bespoke project support to analyse and investigate specific departments, conditions or procedures. Read about our products and services – and how they help our clients below;

Our services

Benchmarking & Analytics

Improve the quality of your services and safeguard high standards of care by transforming your healthcare analytics and insight. Put actionable benchmarking insight at your fingertips by combining data from different sources and utilising our unique service, based on over 30 years of NHS data expertise and knowledge.

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Accreditation and Quality Assurance

As a leading healthcare accreditation service we are the only provider of both healthcare accreditation and ISO certification. We have unrivalled experience in assisting healthcare organisations to apply quality standards to improve patient care, while addressing key challenges such as risk management, clinical effectiveness and continuous improvement.

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Clinical Coding Services

We are the largest independent provider of healthcare clinical coding services in the UK. We offer a range of clinical coding services from AI Clinical Coding, Remote Clinical Coding to training and support services to benefit your organisation.

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