Our service is not just about getting the best clinical coders for you

Underpinning our coding services are our project manager, client managers, in-house auditors and TAP trainer. 

Our holistic coding team deliver:

  • Query resolutionworking with our clinical coding services provides access to a national organisation with expert, in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of coding practice.
  • Process reviews our consultants work in partnership with coding teams to ensure the right processes are in place to enable efficient and accurate coding.
  • TAP trainingour approved clinical coding training uses national modules and bespoke training to ensure clinical coding staff are effectively trained and up to date with their coding knowledge.
  • Clinical data validationwe provide quality checks on all our coded data to make sure it is right first time.
  • Clinical engagement – we provide introductory and expert courses for clinicians and hospital staff who need to improve their understanding of clinical coding and how it relates to tariff and key performance measures such as hospital mortality (SHMI).

We can also help organisations make use of coded data for unique applications.

Coded data provides a wealth of information that is easily tabulated, aggregated and analysed. 

Whether it's looking at changes to your health data over time to identify trends and outcomes, comparing data held in different formats, or looking at costs and pricing, clinical coding can transform your data into something far more manageable and meaningful. 

Our team are experienced with ICD-10 and ICD-10-AM, as well as conversion from ICD-9, and with OPCS and other procedure classifications used internationally and privately. 

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