Integrated Care Boards

Understanding how the acute providers in the ICB locality are performing helps the ICB understand where patients are  receiving the best outcomes and where improvements can be made. 

Looking at provider performance in isolation will only help improve performance based on what has happened at that provider in the past. Comparing performance across areas and  to best in class peers will support quality improvement and achieve better outcomes. 

Our team of consultants can help you understand how to get excellent value from provider data and support local service transformation. 

Market Intelligence Programme

CHKS’s commissioning tool provides Market Intelligence to deliver data driven strategy.

Market Intelligence is part of CHKS’s healthcare intelligence programme. We have applied over 28 years of NHS data expertise and knowledge to create unique programmes that revolutionise healthcare analytics and insight. 

CHKS Market Intelligence pinpoints by Commissioner or GP Practice where inpatient and outpatient activity / tariff levels are falling / growing for the healthcare provider and also across the wider health economy. A range of options are available including admission type, specialty and HRG, plus a selection of charting and mapping views are included to better understand the data. 

Key benefits includes:

  • Develop services by identifying opportunities for new services or to grow existing ones
  • Measure the success of service improvement initiatives
  • Quickly detect risks to established activity or income
  • Analyse competitor activity and understand the impact on your services
  • Highlight risks to service improvement initiatives
  • Identify commissioning trends to understand pressures in the healthcare system and support work to resolve them
  • See where GPs and CCGs are commissioning their services from and how this affects your organisation
  • Take a total view of the local healthcare market and the needs of your key commissioners
  • Generate supporting data that informs commissioner discussions.
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