Creating stability

Our remote clinical coding service is designed to help your organisation produce excellent data on time and to deadline  Producing high quality clinically coded data is vital for understanding service quality and where health providers need to perform better, and - most importantly - for understanding disease,.

When you're under pressure to deliver volumes of data accurately to quickly transform, restore and recover vital services, remote clinical coding from CHKS can help.

Here to help

Our accredited clinical coding team access your records remotely and securely, and code your data directly into your systems. So. you spend less time on administration, recruiting and managing staff. and more time on delivering vital health services. 

What are the operational benefits?

  • It strengthens existing coding teams
  • Is fully digital - quick and easy to implement
  • Reduces hospitals' administrative costs
  • Enables healthcare professionals to focus on delivering care

How it works

Our fully digital, flexible service is easy and quick to deploy. lt gives health providers peace of mind that data is being produced consistently and continuously during difficult times while, at the same time. reducing their administrative costs and improving the accuracy of their data. 

Our digital remote coding service is: 

  • compatible with all systems 
  • based on healthcare providers' requirements 
  • suitable for any organisation with an EPA or scanned patient records
  • can be deployed as a short- or long-term solution


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Working with CHKS has improved our coding which in turn means our data quality is much higher. 

Martin Rennison, Spire Healthcare