Top Hospitals 2019 - The review

Leaders of national and international healthcare organisations met on 12th June at the CHKS Top Hospitals 2019 awards ceremony to celebrate excellence in healthcare. The evening was held at the Royal College of Physicians in London and coincided with the college’s 500th anniversary. Sue Saville, former ITN medical correspondent, hosted the event and the awards were presented to the winners by Chris Baker, Chief Executive Officer, Capita Software. Watch the video to find out how the evening unfolded.

Prof. Andrew Goddard
Here, Professor Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians, explains why it is important for clinicians to be engaged in the idea of data as a tool to creating an in-depth understanding of NHS performance, and why they should be involved in its collection and analysis. He also discusses why data is important in his practising field of gastroenterology, and how using data has proved extremely beneficial in improving patient care, particularly in relation to endoscopy. Professor Goddard examines the opportunities there will be to use data in the future to further improve patient care, as well as the challenges this might present.

Dr Ian Bullock
As the Royal College of Physicians celebrates its 500th anniversary, its chief executive Dr Ian Bullock explains why the college was originally founded – to establish standards for and address variation in healthcare – are still relevant today. He explores how data and new digital technologies will be crucial in helping the college move healthcare forward. Dr Bullock also explains how, by accrediting and acknowledging good practice in healthcare, CHKS is helping contribute to improvements in the NHS and around the world.
Find out what our special category award winners had to say after collecting their trophies.

Awards/Trust Interview
CHKS Patient Safety Award
Northern Health and Social Care Trust
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CHKS Data Quality Award (Specialist Trust)
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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CHKS Data Quality Award (Independent Provider)
Spire Bristol Hospital
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CHKS Healthcare Efficiency Award
Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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CHKS Patient Experience Award
Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
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CHKS Quality Improvement Award
The Children’s Trust
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CHKS Most Improved Award
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
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