Surveying and Assessment

Peer review, the developmental and supportive mechanism used for assessing compliance with our standards, is tried and tested worldwide.
A crucial part of the accreditation process is the provision of a team of highly skilled health and social care professionals, selected appropriately from a broad range of disciplines. The survey team visit each organisation we work with to interview staff, check documentation and understand what happens in practice. They assess compliance with the standards, commend best practice and where appropriate make recommendations for where improvements could be made. The survey team is managed by CHKS quality lead auditors who are healthcare professionals who are trained in ISO auditing techniques and are members of the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA).  
Surveyors’ skills and expertise
CHKS peer reviewers (surveyors) are experienced health and social care professionals and work voluntarily with us to help other organisations improve, dedicating around five days per annum (maximum). They are drawn from acute, mental health, primary, secondary or tertiary services, from both the NHS and independent sectors.
What skills are we looking for?
Primarily we look for individuals who have a background in health and social care and we recognise that some individuals who are not clinicians may have suitable skills and expertise.
Expressions of interest are welcomed from:
Clinicians with a relevant healthcare qualification (for example doctor, nurse, or an allied health professional)
For those without a relevant healthcare qualification we would consider individuals who have experience of being a senior manager within a health or social care setting (minimum of 5 years). This would be at service, divisional, directorate level (or an equivalent). This includes senior managers working at chief executive or director level.
Surveying provides excellent personal and professional development for individuals, as well as benefiting their own organisations through sharing best practice, discovering new ideas and networking with fellow professionals across the UK and internationally.
Selection and training
Selection is based on professional health and social care related expertise, the ability to review information as presented by health and social care organisations and identifying compliance with the standards. Working as part of a small multidisciplinary team, surveyors are chosen to ensure the most appropriate compliment of experience for the organisation being surveyed.
Following an initial application, we provide a two-day selection and training course and all new surveyors will be mentored throughout their first surveys.

We would welcome expressions of interest from candidates with the following experience:
Chemotherapy services ; Imaging/Diagnostic services; Primary Care; Ambulance services. ​

To find out more
With programmes across most health and social care sectors, we are always keen to enrich and extend our surveyor network. If you are interested in becoming a CHKS surveyor, please contact us on