The challenge

 Trust need to ensure that their clinical staff have access to all relevant data and information needed to help them prepare for appraisals with  designated bodies. With their ever-increasing time pressures, how can clinical staff collate comprehensive and accurate evidence to support 
appraisal and revalidation, and how can they do this efficiently without creating an administrative burden that takes their time away from patients.

The solution

CLIP brings together all clinical indicator data into a single report, providing the most accurate consultant benchmarking available through a simple to use online tool. This can be managed locally by you or by your CHKS 
consultant. The reports support appraisal and revalidation and allow clinical staff to demonstrate they are continuing to meet the principles and values set out in Good Medical Practice.

Features and benefits

  • View and benchmark consultant performance at trust, local and national levels from across England, Wales and N.Ireland - based on selected peers to identify risks and areas for improvement 
  • Drill down to patient level information
  • Includes in-patient and out-patient hospital data
  • Flexibility to choose how you distribute reports 
  • The reports can be used to facilitate job planning and service reviews - aligned with your trust or board’s revalidation or appraisal reporting timelines to ensure you get the most up to date information
  • No set up required from you - your local CHKS consultant will do 100% of the programme set up, peer group selection and report creation.  However, you can control this locally should you wish to
  • A variety of graphical reporting styles are used in the report to present information for ease of use including;
    • An overview of activity compared to local and external selected peer and peer distribution
    • The scorecard shows a collection of performance and efficiency indicators at consultant level. For each indicator consultant, local peer and selected peer values are displayed along with a peer range based on a RAG spectrum
    • Trend and schedule charts

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“Revalidation aims to give your patients greater confidence that you are up to date in the area of medicine in which you practise. It will also support you in maintaining and improving your practice throughout your career in medicine.”

General Medical Council