The CHKS accreditation team is supported by a network of healthcare and quality experts:

CHKS Accreditation Team

Quality lead auditors
Our team of quality lead auditors are central to the success of our accreditation programmes. They guide the client through their quality improvement journey. Their role includes interpretation of the standards and supporting the client throughout the external peer review survey. Quality lead auditors provide remote and on-site support to deliver training and site-specific guidance. Quality lead auditors are qualified as IRCA Lead Auditors. They have a thorough understanding of the theory of quality management systems.

Accreditation Services Manager 
The CHKS Accreditation Services Manager (ASM) provides the link between the client managers and the accreditation awards panel. Our ASM will contact clients by email and phone to discuss any specific requests from the panel to facilitate the awards process. She will also send out well earned certificates once accreditation has been awarded. She manages our Quality Improvement Award, an annual award open to all clients who have achieved accreditation in the respective calendar year. Shortlisted organisations are invited to attend the CHKS Top Hospitals Awards dinner in a prestigious venue.

Network of healthcare and quality experts

Our network of healthcare and quality experts support CHKS either as surveyors for client surveys or as members on our Awards Panel or Accreditation Council.

Surveyor body 
Our surveyor team are a voluntary group of 100+ healthcare professionals, who are either clinicians or managers within a clinical area. Their experience extends from acute hospital services, to hospice and care home experience and primary care and imaging both in the NHS and independent sector to cover our extensive range of accreditation programmes. Many have been through accreditation themselves and become committed and enthusiastic with the process and quality improvement. They enjoy networking with other healthcare providers and seeing organisations achieve good quality of care. The surveyors represent a wide range of experience and skills to support our accreditation programmes. After initial training, we provide an annual away day with speakers, and workshops to top up skills and knowledge followed by a networking dinner. Find out more about becoming a CHKS surveyor here and download the application form here. For more information, please contact us at

Accreditation Council and Awards Panel
The CHKS Accreditation Council and Awards Panel play a vital role in assuring the highest levels of quality and impartiality in the accreditation process. As a team of independent volunteers with a breadth of healthcare expertise, they are ideally positioned to ensure the awards process is followed correctly and impartially, to inform standards development, and advise on issues relating to the quality agenda. Click here to view the list of council and panel members.