We partner with commissioners, acute trusts, mental health and community providers, as well as independent healthcare providers to guarantee that data and payments exactly reflect the care delivered.

We form ongoing relationships with the people and groups we partner with, built on trust, and the effectiveness of the services we provide.


We support with Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units to make sure the contracts and payments made to providers accurately reflect patient care, and to provide transparency and assurance over the contracting process. Many organisations include our independent reviews as part of the contract setting process, taking the heat out of contract negotiations through a credible and independent view on data quality and payment accuracy.

Acute trusts

We have a proven track record of working in partnership with acute trusts to ensure they are paid accurately and appropriately for the care they deliver. We provide invaluable support to clinical engagement to help them improve the efficiency and quality of their services, and our integrated audit programmes provide assurance to boards and commissioners that services are sustainable and funded appropriately.

Mental health and community providers

We support trusts as they move away from block contracts and seek to improve the data underpinning their services. We help develop currencies and set local tariffs that are credible and robust, ensuring trust are paid appropriately for the care they deliver.

Independent sector

We have a long history of working with the independent and private sector, not only supporting the accuracy of coding for the care they deliver on behalf of the NHS, but also supporting data recording and payment accuracy for private healthcare. We also maintain the CCSD schedule of procedures on behalf of the four main insurers.