The mission and values of the assurance and accreditation team at CHKS

Mission - We Create Better Outcomes
CHKS Assurance & Accreditation will provide a framework of standards and guidance to encourage and enable providers of health and care to: 

  • Develop, improve, and sustain the quality of their services
  • Evolve a culture of continuous quality improvement
  • Encourage leadership which empowers and enables staff to deliver excellence 
  • Remain flexible and responsive to change
  • Directly involve patients/service users to achieve person-centred care
  • Encourage and support innovation using the latest digital and robotic medicine and relevant research
Values - Open, Ingenious, Collaborative, Effective
CHKS Assurance & Accreditation will deliver their work and display behaviours:

  • Open - We are honest, transparent, and respectful
  • Ingenious - We think about what is possible
  • Collaborative - We achieve more when we work together
  • Effective - We care about doing the best job we can

To meet our service, CHKS Assurance & Accreditation hold the following additional CARE values when delivering our work. 
  • Collaborative - We share goals and solutions through networking with peers
  • Attentive - We facilitate change and support delivery of excellent customer care
  • Responsive - We are flexible, and receptive to our clients, and prospects
  • Enthusiastic - We encourage ambition to pursue quality in health and care services

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