Re-Member: a member reunification programme

We recognised that every Trust loses members during the usual data cleansing process.  Losing members at this stage undoes the hard work undertaken by the membership teams during the year, in terms of cost to recruit and engage members and also the frustration of then reporting lower membership figures to their Board and Monitor.

We knew that many of the members lost had simply moved home, forgot to notify the Trust and were subsequently classed as ‘Gone Away’. We also knew that most lost members still lived within the Trust’s catchment area. We approached one of our Foundation Trust customers and offered to help them keep recruitment costs down by targeting the members who had come off their database, marked as ‘Gone Away’. If we could re-energise the members who had already engaged with the Trust’s membership message, then they could be quickly returned to the register without the recruitment, communication and engagement costs usually involved with new members.
What we did
Using our unique and highly sophisticated techniques based on those used in the financial services industry, we were able to positively identify and reunite individuals with the Trust’s membership.  We simplified the process; taking the list of members marked as Gone Away, we:
  • Found the members’ new addresses;
  • Identified if they are still within catchment according to Constitution definitions;
  • Contacted the member to see if they wish to remain a member;
  • Provided them with a free helpline if they had any questions about the process; and
  • Returned them to the register if they had no objection to it.
Key results
Of the 344 members lost during the last 6 months of register cleansing, 70% were found to be still within catchment. Together, CHKS and the Trust were able to reunite 239 members who were still within catchment with the Trust, a 99.6% success rate!
The benefits of working with us
By using Re-Member, your Trust can obtain the same benefits as experienced by our clients:
  • Save time and money – no costly recruitment campaign;
  • Members are happy to be reunited with the Trust; and
  • No longer have to worry about carrying out a data cleanse on the member register.

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It was very frustrating to see the membership numbers decrease particularly after all the hard work we had put in to recruit those members. Using Re-Member, our membership figures went up by 239 members overnight.  I would definitely recommend Re-Member to other trusts. From now on we will be using it whenever we carry out a data cleanse. Thanks very much! Membership Manager, NHS Foundation Trust