Our workflow management solution allows you to manage your patients along integrated care pathways regardless of service boundaries.

It includes the use of secure and personalised care plans that can be shared across teams. This complete picture of the patient ensures that all care funders and providers understand the patient’s needs and their own role in delivering the best possible care.

Our intuitive workflow management engine allows clinicians to manage a patient along any process within the case management program. By automating these process we ensure the delivery of high quality health and care services for each patient at every stage of their care plan.

The solution is certified ITK compliant and can be adapted to support local processes. Where existing processes are not well understood, we have a template process library to get you started.

Financial control and personal budgets

The solution allows commissioners to manage costs across acute, primary, community and social care boundaries by providing:

  • Access to invoicing and budgets for all stakeholders
  • Management of financial aspects of patients under care
  • Automatic validation of provider invoices
  • Functionality that allows patients and carers to select services within their budget


  • Single, shared view of a patient’s care record
  • Provides a fully audited history of the patient’s journey through each service
  • Acute users can access crisis plans within seconds
  • Discharge teams can refer patients into services with total confidence that all relevant information has been provided
  • Real time audits, reports, tracking and workflow monitoring
  • Intuitive web-based system requiring minimal user training

Our standard workflow options include:

  • Multiple End Of Life Care Plan processes
  • Integrated Care Management
  • Appeals
  • Fast Track Adult and Fast Track Child
  • Continuing Healthcare Adult & Child (CHC)
  • Non Weight Bearing
  • Section 2 And 5
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Health Restricted
  • Managed Equipment Service
  • Custom workflow options

Our solution is configurable to support any workflow. We can mirror existing workflows and processes in your organisation and ensure compliance with all statutory requirements. Information governance and consent We ensure that the correct assessment, consent and other documentation is completed at each appropriate process stage and ensure that care professionals can only access the patients within their own remit and IG rights.