CHKS focus on the information and underlying data that drives mortality indicators to get to the root of the issue, identifying what needs to happen to reduce mortality.

Using the information and benchmarking programmes we have developed over the last 25 years, our NHS-experienced consultants are able to interpret a vast array of data and identify priority areas for further investigation and improvement. We apply our skills and know-how to help trusts understand the reasons for high mortality rates and engage clinicians and board members in the effort to understand and improve mortality measurement.

Ensuring the accuracy of healthcare data is core to our work and we provide a range of services to support information governance, including: coding audits, coding process improvement and coder training.

Mortality Profiling

Our new Mortality Profiling programme is the only one that allows you to understand variances across SHMI, RAMI and HSMR. This takes the most accurate and robust view of mortality available, enabling you to make more informed decisions to drive change and improvement.  It helps you to quickly understand your ‘true’ mortality position at any time and highlights areas of concern for further investigation. Our programme includes an online tool, supported by CHKS consultancy to help you identify risks and opportunities and make improvements in safety and care quality.

Download our Mortality Profiling Programme fact sheet


Our CHKS consultant is excellent and their support has been particularly beneficial to UHSM, by broadening the trust’s understanding and knowledge of mortality risk adjustment models, and advising on key steps to take to ensure mortality data is reported accurately.

Paula McConnell, Head of Information, University Hospitals of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust.