Understand the impact of the pandemic on hospital performance and mortality rates

At CHKS, we are aware how important it is for healthcare providers to recover from the pandemic and understand the true impact this has had on their organisation.

We have been assessing this and have recently published an analysis average waiting times and how productivity improvement would enable NHS providers to catch up, and how quickly that might work.

Our report highlights:

  • The national waiting list was high, even before the pandemic hit.
  • The rate of elective surgery delivery all but stopped in April 2020 and has still not returned to its pre-2020 rate.
  • Marginal improvement in productivity is not good enough. A step-change to the level of the best is required.

CHKS are a global provider of market-leading audit and benchmarking tools for performance analysis, service planning and driving successful improvement initiatives. To find out how we can help you to gain better insights into mortality rates and benchmarking in your area, reach us at chksinfo@capita.com.

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Download 'Backlog in elective surgery' report  for more information.