'Data revolution' crucial to transformation

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A ‘data revolution’ across health and care services in England is vital if local areas are to transform the way care is delivered, the NHS Confederation said on Wednesday.

Encouraging organisations to ‘get to the heart of their data’, the Confederation has launched a new series of guides to help board members to better understand data across the healthcare system and its role in transforming care.

“As the system moves towards new ways of delivering care, data will be more important than ever in helping to stratify populations, manage demand and tear down the barriers to integrated care,” the first instalment in the series says.

CHKS, in association with the NHS Confederation, have produced a series of guides for non-executive directors (NEDs) with the aim to kick start a ‘data revolution’ by shining a light on how data can be used to drive improvement, provide effective oversight and support the transformation of care.

Published on Wednesday, the first guide considers data in acute care settings. It will be followed by a further three publications over 2017/18 that will illuminate information collected across the system and how it can support sustainability and transformation partnerships.

Download The non-executive director’s guide to NHS data: Part one.

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