CHKS live updates – October and November 2016

Continuing our commitment to support our clients and develop our products and services, we have made various updates and enhancements to CHKS live in October and November including:

  • A new and updated British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) module which is built in our iCompare framework.
  • A new and updated Critical Mass module which is built in our iCompare framework.
  • The ability to filter by 4 character diagnosis code in iCompare (in addition to the existing 3 and 5 character filters.
  • The ability to include the Upper and Lower Confidence Limits when exporting scorecards in iCompare.
  • The addition of Charlson Score to the patient level drill down for mortality indicators in iCompare.
  • Five new iCompare show by options – ethnicity, Spell Duration (LoS), Episode Duration (LoS), Pre-op LoS, Post-op LoS.
  • Four new iCompare charts – CuSUM, observed vs expected, rolling month (observed vs expected) and rolling month (trending).
  • The addition of patient level drill down to Average Length of Stay and Risk Adjusted Length of Stay indicators.
  • A new iCompare user guide and supporting information on our risk models.

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