CHKS Standards for Cruise Ships Medicine 2015

What are they?

This is the 2015 edition of the CHKS Accreditation Programme Standards for Cruise Ships Medical Centres. It builds on the previous CHKS standards for Cruise Ships and incorporates current national and professional guidance, bringing together standards of best practice and providing a framework for organisations to work towards and to subsequently gain external recognition for this achievement.

What's new?

In these latest standards, we have added the following new criteria:
  • Equipment review and replacement programme
  • Recommendations from internal and external adverse event reporting systems to inform the service plan
  • A system for collating statistics and information on service use
  • Clinical policies, procedures and guidelines are developed from an evidence-base with input from medical, nursing and other clinical and specialist advice
  • Updating staff when new policies are introduced
  • Clinical staff meeting the revalidation requirements of their registered professional body
  • Protection and safeguarding of vulnerable adults
  • Responding to challenging behaviour
  • Management and control of person-identifiable information
  • Transfer of clinical records
  • Procedure on the recording of entries in clinical records
  • Disciplinary audit of the content of clinical records
  • Privacy and dignity
  • Emergency transfer of patients
  • Follow up after care and advice

Standards contents list

Section 1 Corporate leadership
Standard 1: Management, workforce and teamwork
Standard 2: Service objectives and planning
Standard 3: Quality and governance
Standard 4: Complaints management
Standard 5: Clinical team
Standard 6: Human resources
Standard 7: Patient safety
Standard 8: Infection control
Standard 9: Management of clinical records

Section 2 Service and Care Delivery
Standard 10: Service environment
Standard 11: Medical centre service
Standard 12: Resuscitation

Section 3 Clinical Support Services
Standard 13: Pharmacy
Standard 14: Imaging
Standard 15: Pathology
Standard 16: Decontamination

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