CHKS Accreditation Standards for Oncology Services 2013

This third edition of the CHKS Accreditation Standards for Oncology Services has been revised and updated to reflect current requirements in UK health policy and good practice guidance. The criteria within the standards are referenced to current requirements from Towards Safer Radiotherapy (TSR), the Manual for Cancer Services (MCS), and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

What's new?

These latest standards address our main development concerns around patient safety, the patients’ experience of care, professional competence, clinical governance, leadership and teamwork. Furthermore, although the standards continue to include those essential elements concerning systems, processes and environment we will also be focusing on outcomes and requesting information from participating departments on issues such as the percentage of staff trained in a particular skill.
In addition, to continue to encourage healthcare organisations to improve, certain criteria are graded as 'Continuous Quality Improvement' (CQI) which, if achieved, reflects the department’s commitment to ongoing quality improvement.
Significantly, the standards are applicable to healthcare organisations whether they are provided by a private organisation or if they are publically funded. 
Standard 1: Departmental and service management
Standard 2: Quality Management
Standard 3: Risk
Standard 4: Competent Workforce
Standard 5: Information governance and technology
Standard 6: Management of clinical records
Standard 7: Patient Focus
Standard 8: Administration and clerical services
Standard 9: Radiotherapy
Standard 10: Radiotherapy Physics
Standard 11: Chemotherapy
Standard 12: Outpatient clinics
Standard 13: Clinical Trials
Standard 14: Treatment of children and young people

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