CHKS Accreditation Programme for Acute Services: Risk and Safety Module 2011

This is the first edition of the CHKS Accreditation Programme for Acute Services: Risk and Safety Module. This is the latest addition to the list of modules from which organisations can select to build a bespoke accreditation programme to meet their own priorities.
This Risk and Safety module builds on the risk and safety elements of the previous HQS standards for NHS Trusts 4th edition, 2005 and the CHKS standards for Independent Healthcare Providers, 5th edition, December 2006, and incorporates current national and professionally recognised guidance. This module aims to pull together all the best practice standards, to provide a comprehensive framework for organisations to work towards and subsequently to gain external recognition for this achievement through the CHKS Accreditation Council.

What's new?

A significant advance forward in this development is the inclusion of quantitative and evidence criteria, which have been linked to the process methodology. Many of the indicators are calculated using data which is routinely collected as part of operational working and enables organisations to benchmark their performance against comparable units. Other indicators are designed to demonstrate improvements over time.
The criteria within the standards are referenced to the current requirements from the Care Quality Commission and the Risk Management Standards for NHS Trusts providing Acute, Community, or Mental Health & Learning Disability Services and Independent Sector Providers of NHS Care from the NHS Litigation Authority, and other relevant regulations
Although the standards continue to include those essential elements concerning systems, processes and environment we will also be focusing on quantitative and quality outcomes and requesting specific information from participating services on issues such as clinical risk management, infection control, staff training, and medicines management. Significantly, the standards are applicable to healthcare organisations whether they are provided by a private organisation or if they are publically funded. 

Standards contents list

Standard 1: Risk management-general
Standard 2: Health and Safety
Standard 3: Fire safety
Standard 4: Waste management
Standard 5: Clinical risk management and patient safety
Standard 6: Blood transfusion service
Standard 7: Management of medicines and pharmacy service
Standard 8: Resuscitation
Standard 9: Infection control
Standard 10: Management of medical equipment and devices
Standard 11: Information technology and governance

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