The awards

We are pleased to be launching two new categories, offering every hospital in the UK the chance celebrate their innovation and achievements in the use of accreditation standards or comparative data.

Insight in Healthcare - Data and Information
This award will recognise innovative practice that has made a significant, positive impact on the safe and effective delivery of healthcare, or on population health, and where benchmarking or comparative data has played a part.

Insight in Healthcare - Accreditation standards and programme
This award will recognise innovative practice that has made a significant, positive impact on the safe and effective delivery of healthcare, or on population health, and where an accreditation programme has played a part.

Healthcare Efficiency Award (acute and independent)
The Healthcare Efficiency award recognises organisations that have achieved high standards of operational excellence and outperform their peers on efficiency indicators that support care quality and patient outcomes.

Quality of Care Award
Awarded nationally for excellence in high quality care to patients, appropriate to their diagnosis, it is based on criteria that include the length of time patients stay in hospital, the rate of readmissions and whether the care pathway proceeded as originally intended.

Patient Safety Award
A national award for outstanding performance in providing a safe hospital environment for patients, it is based on a range of indicators, including rates of hospital-acquired infections and mortality.

Patient Experience Award
This award focuses on what patients think of their experience when they visit a hospital. It includes performance based on a range of patient experience indicators; including inpatient surveys, the most recent surveys from A&E, outpatient or maternity, friends and family tests and PLACE scores.

Data Quality Awards
These awards recognise the importance of clinical coding and data quality, and the essential role they play in ensuring appropriate patient care and financial reimbursement from commissioners. We will present three data quality awards celebrating the best performers across England, Northern Ireland and Wales, based on a range of indicators, with separate awards for specialist trusts and independent sector hospitals.

The CHKS Data Quality Award is a national award for excellence in data quality based on the following indicators:

  • Average diagnoses per finished consultant episode
  • Percentage of non-specific diagnoses
  • Percentage of un-coded finished consultant episodes
  • Percentage of episodes with a ‘sign or symptom’ primary diagnosis

Quality Improvement Award
This international, client-only award identifies and measures significant improvements in patient care and patient experience as well as staff welfare, safety and morale. The CHKS Quality Improvement Award is open to all healthcare organisations accredited by CHKS. All submissions are evaluated by the CHKS Accreditation Awards Panel and we will invite the shortlisted organisations to the awards ceremony. To find out more about our accreditation services please click here

The CHKS Top Hospitals Award
Recognising and rewarding the best performing trusts across the UK, the CHKS Top Hospitals Awards are based on the evaluation of 22 indicators of clinical effectiveness, health outcomes, efficiency, patient experience and quality of care. The awards acknowledge the performance of trusts against all hospitals throughout England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Download a list of the indicators for each of our awards