eGuide: The Roadmap to Governance & Safety for Private Providers in Ireland

We have made remarkable progress in health as a global society, more than doubling life expectancy in just over two centuries - public health and clinical innovations have been major contributors to this improvement. However, across the Western world healthcare systems are facing a major crisis caused by a perfect storm of factors – rapidly rising healthcare costs, clinician burnout and attrition, and an ageing population.

In these challenging circumstances, emphasising improvement becomes imperative to shift healthcare planning and delivery from reactive crisis management to proactive service enhancement. Furthermore, in today’s landscape, where healthcare benchmarks are constantly evolving, the importance of safety and governance in Irish healthcare providers cannot be overstated.

Download our eGuide ‘The Roadmap to Governance & Safety for Private Providers in Ireland’ which delves deep into the essence of safety and governance in healthcare, sharing current challenges, the impact of these challenges in healthcare and the steps that can be taken to address this.

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