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Accreditation and Quality Assurance


In undertaking CHKS accreditation, healthcare organisations embark on a journey of quality to enhance and improve productivity, performance, patient experience and outcomes.

Many organisations report a culture of pride in the quality of service and a greater sense of ownership, with employees feeling they can influence their role in the organisation. As a leading health and social care assurance and accreditation service, we have unrivalled experience in developing and applying quality standards both in the UK and internationally to improve patient care, while addressing key challenges such as risk management and clinical effectiveness.
CHKS accreditation provides credible and independent recognition of your commitment to quality improvement for your patients, Board and external regulators. Our accreditation programmes are tailored to all aspects of healthcare provision from acute hospitals and care homes to specific services such as radiotherapy and maternity.

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Accreditation team and surveyors

The CHKS accreditation team is supported by a network of healthcare and quality experts. This group support CHKS either as surveyors for client surveys or as members on our Awards Panel or Accreditation Council.

Accreditation Council and Awards Panel
The CHKS Accreditation Council and the Awards Panel both play vital roles in assuring the highest levels of quality and impartiality in the accreditation process. As a team of independent volunteers with a breadth of healthcare expertise, they are ideally positioned to ensure the awards process is followed correctly and impartially, to inform standards development, and advise on issues relating to the quality agenda. Click here to view the list of council and panel members.
CHKS Surveyors
CHKS accreditation programmes combine expert support with training and external peer review – known as surveys - and are supported by a unique online healthcare accreditation system. 
Find out more about becoming a CHKS surveyor here and download the application form here. For more information, please contact us at

ISQua accreditation

We have achieved accreditation to ISQua standards for our organisation, our surveyor training and selection programme and our latest standards:
ISQua Accreditations
The CHKS Standards for Health and Care Organisations 2018 has been accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care’s External Evaluation Association (IEEA).
The evaluation demonstrates that the CHKS standards meet international best practice requirements and are accredited until 2023.
CHKS activity does not constitute an accreditation within the meaning of Article 2 (10) of Regulation (EC) NO. 765 / 2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 July 2008. CHKS bases its evaluation of bodies and standards exclusively on privately set and published standards, and they do not comprise an assessment or accreditation by public authorities. 

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